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The new Ab Doer Twist is a new abs trainer that is planned to get the fitness markets in these days. It is basically a machine designed to workout abdominals, obliques and mid-to-lower back region, and can be used to tighten the core muscles, build muscle mass and use calories in a cardio workout, all from a comfortable seated position, in a chair-style fitness machine.

The Ab Doer Twist is built as a twisting seat to engage abductors and adductors (inner and outer thigh) and comes with contouring arm bars that work biceps, triceps, and deltoids. It can be upgraded by turning a dial to add more resistance.

  • Multiple Resistance Rods.

  • Swivel Action Seat with Multiple Resistance Dial

  • Massage Roller.

  • Abdoer Twist DVD Routines included

  • Special Starter kit (Quick Start Guide, Accelerated Results and Healthy Eating Plan).

  • Folds away easily to store anywhere